1:1 Business Growth Support

08 March 2016

libby Langley

Thinking Detail 

If your ideas are gathering dust, you’ve hit a ceiling, and you’re ready to invest in 1:1 support to get unstuck, I can help.

I’m Libby Langley (MBA) – The Detail Coach. I’m a qualified tutor, business owner, marketer, entrepreneur, and master of thinking the detail that can get you unstuck.

I support my 1:1 clients to evolve, grow, and build a ‘better’ business (whatever ‘better’ means to them). I do that by thinking the detail, which fuels momentum.

I am offering free 30 minute 1:1 coaching session for any local business that needs help.

We’ll be a great match if:
•You’re distracted or frustrated because you can’t make your ideas a reality
•You want a trusted sounding board who can help you formulate detailed plans
•You’re ready to step up and create the ‘better’ business you always wanted

Contact details:   01858 414246 or libby@libbylangley.com