18 Sep 2018

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Location: NSPCC National Training Centre
3 Gilmore Close
Beaumont Leys, Leicester

Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Mistral Associates is fielding a team with experience in different business contexts. You will gain insight into how a Strategic Plan differs from a Business Plan, what you should include, some tools and approaches that will help you to build a basic plan, how to make the most of your plan, and an understanding of what your next steps should be. If you know that your business could be more focused, clearer on its future direction, and the people better aligned, this workshop is for you.

Workshop Content

• Why do we need a Strategic Plan and who is it for?
• What is a Strategic Plan and how does it differ from a Business Plan?
• How will a Strategic Plan help my business/organisation to grow and respond to changing conditions?
• The risks of not having a Strategic Plan
• How do you pull a Strategic Plan together?
• Some approaches and models that you can use to put together a working Strategic Plan
• What help is available to support you pulling your Strategic Plan together?
• What does it take to implement and monitor progress of your Strategic Plan?

Workshop Outcome

 You will go away with:
• a good understanding of how having a Strategic Plan can support the growth and success of your business or organisation
• some practical tools with which you can start to put your plan together straight away
• signposting to further assistance and resources to help you put your Strategic Plan together.

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