14 May 2019

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Location: Leicester Food Park
28 High View Close


Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Collaborate for growth ethical compliance workshop

If you are a tourism business and produce food or drink products to sell, ensure you are clued up on the legislation around food labelling.

The Food and Drink Forum are delighted to work on behalf of Winning Moves to offer Leicester and Leicestershire travel and tourism businesses the opportunity to attend this fully-funded workshop to help you grow and develop your businesses through the amazing food and drink products produced. Ensuring all food items are correctly labelled is a legal requirement and through this workshop, we will show you how to ensure your food labelling is correct and meets not only your customers but also legal requirement needs.

This one-day session is for any Leicester or Leicesteshire business looking to understand the legal requirements around food labelling. New regulations around food labelling were issued in 2014 and it is now compulsory for all food and drink businesses to abide by these regulations (even if giving food to consumers for free). Hear from The Food & Drink Forum’s team of food technical experts who have been assisting businesses with the implementation of the regulations.


Understand the legal requirements of food labelling and how to apply them to your business and products, including ingredients, allergens and nutritional information.


Delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the key areas of the Food Information to Consumer Regulations (FIC)
  • Understand the key areas of the Food Information Regulations (FIR)
  • Understand the key information required to ensure their products are displaying legal labels
  • Make product claims with confidence
  • Understand the importance of nutritional information.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who work within a business that creates food either for other businesses or for their own consumers and who are responsible for the development/creation of product labels and content.

Those individuals who have limited/no knowledge of FIC and FIR food labelling regulations.

Course Topics:

  • An overview of the Food Information to Consumer Regulations (FIC) and Food Information Regulations (FIR)
  • Mandatory vs. voluntary information to be included on a food label (E.g. country of origin, storage conditions, allergens, ingredients list, QUID, best before or use by, nutritional information etc.)
  • The visual requirements of a food label
  • How to approve label artwork
  • Nutritional information and its importance

Note: Attendees may wish to bring an example of an existing label/menu if they wish to discuss specific queries.


09:30 Arrival and refreshments

10:00 Morning Session

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Afternoon Session

16:00 Finish

To register please click this link.

If you have any special requirements, please email: tourism@winningmoves.com or call on 0121 285 3800.

Event Terms:

Support under the Collaborate Support for Tourism Businesses Programme provided by Winning Moves and Leicestershire Promotions is only available to Leicestershire based tourism SME’s and therefore Collaborate Support for Tourism Businesses Programme have the right to cancel events at anytime if we do not receive sufficient quantities of Leicestershire businesses attending.


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