21 Mar 2019

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Location: Burleigh Court
Ashby Road
LE11 3TD

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Collaborate for growth ethical compliance workshop

Building on what you learnt in the morning session, managing my business – the essentials, we’ll show you how to manage your business and also how to leverage growth.

You think you know the numbers. But here’s how can you make them work harder for you and “plus” your business!

This workshop actively builds on the knowledge gained in Managing My Business – The Essentials. It aims to help attendees take their skills and their business to the next level in both managing it and leveraging growth. As an afternoon workshop, it follows Malcolm’s 20-10 format but with greater emphasis on interactivity and personal action planning. Participants will learn fresh thinking using Malcolm’s proven range of indicators for small hotels, B&Bs, accommodations, Pubs, Restaurants and attractions

Highlights include:

  • What are performance measures and which ones are important in my business?
  • How do I know how I am doing?
  • What growth should I be aiming for and how do I achieve it? What is “scale up”?
  • What’s a scorecard and how could it work for my small business?
  • How do I construct a “Plus” action plan – and why?

This workshop presents every attendee with an exciting deep dive into enhancing their ability to better manage their business. It’s highly interactive and very engaging with lots of fresh ideas stimulating thoughtful thinking.


13:00 Arrival and refreshments

13:30 Managing My Business – The Plus

16:30 End session

To register please click this link.

If you have any special requirements, please email: tourism@winningmoves.com or call on 0121 285 3800.

Event Terms:

Support under the Collaborate Support for Tourism Businesses Programme provided by Winning Moves and Leicestershire Promotions is only available to Leicestershire based tourism SMEs and therefore Collaborate Support for Tourism Businesses Programme have the right to cancel events at anytime if we do not receive sufficient quantities of Leicestershire businesses attending.


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