09 Jul 2019

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Location: Loughborough University, West Park Teaching Hub
2 Oakwood Dr

LE11 3QF

Time: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm

Skills Summit 2019

In the coming years regional prosperity will rest on having access to a skilled, productive workforce, however, as identified through feedback from the Chamber Quarterly Economic Survey, it is clear that employers continue to find a shortfall in skilled labour.

The 2019 Summit will show how the region can address this challenge with the aim of developing an environment where there is a bright future for our local economies, communities, young people and those furthest away from the job market.

When looking at our Q1 Quarterly Economic Survey in relation to business investment intentions we are seeing a downward trend across the board, of particular concern is businesses intentions to invest in training – this score is the lowest it has been since immediately after the referendum in the summer of 2016 and comes at a time when recruitment difficulties continue to rise.

60% of businesses are reporting difficulties in recruitment. These results came during a quarter when unemployment in the East Midlands continued to rise (as opposed to the rest of the country where it is falling) suggesting local issues not being experienced elsewhere in the UK.

When asked which factors were more of a concern than 3 months ago “Access to skilled labour” remains consistently high on employer’s agendas.

Through a number of keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops the Summit will explore the implications of these findings, focusing on two key themes: Bridging the Gap: Improving the link between education and employers and How do we deliver the workforce employers in the East Midlands demand.

More information and booking details can be found on the East Midlands Chamber website

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