16 Oct 2019

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Location: The Dock
75 Exploration Drive

Time: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Are you looking to innovate in your business? This session looks at idea generation – how does it happens in your organisation and how can you capitalise on doing it better to keep improving your business results?

Ideation: Generating good ideas for your business, products or services is often just as challenging as the process of developing these into reality.

Ideation is simply the generation of new ideas. It offers a more structured and focused approach to brainstorming, product design and service design.  It forms part of a more structured method of capitalising on embryonic ideas that sees businesses generating more change, more improvements, better decisions, more successfully and more frequently.

This 3 hour session introduces you to Ideation and you will leave:

  • Understanding your current innovation culture and ways to improve it
  • Learn simple tools and methods to encourage idea generation
  • Take the first steps towards understanding which ideas have value and could be pursued
  • Embryonic ideas for innovations in your business

Who should attend?

The session is open to businesses seeking to innovate or struggling to get innovation right. In order to take part you will need to:

  • Ideally attend with at least one other member of the senior or executive team (or senior/key members of staff), preferably two.
  • Have the desire, capability and capacity within the business to affect change.

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This workshop is organised by the team at innovate2succeed, a 100% funded innovation coaching programme designed for growing businesses. It offers expert, tailored, one-to-one coaching to address key obstacles to developing and commercialising new products or services, opens doors to broader support and potential partners for growth and helps the executive team develop stronger internal structures and processes to support longer term growth potential.

Contact: Rachel Cheetham on 07392 096002 if you have any questions.

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