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Licensing Authority Assessment templates

To help Local Authority Licensing Officers ensure they meet their regulatory obligations under the Gambling Act 2005, the Gambling Commission worked together with the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Licensing Forum and LLEP to create templates for assessments at gambling premises.

The templates include reference to the social responsibility code provisions issued by the Commission under Section 153 of the Gambling Act 2005. The inclusion of these provisions will allow Officers throughout England and Wales to get a wider understanding for a premises/operators approach towards achieving compliance in areas that tie directly into community safety.

This initiative aims to make gambling regulations easier to access and understand and supports regulatory services in providing advice and guidance to businesses on how to achieve compliance.

The templates are periodically reviewed to take into account changes made to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) and other relevant guidance. Feedback is also encouraged from users of the forms and businesses/individuals who have been the subject of an assessment and this is taken into consideration when trying to ensure that the documents are fit for purpose. All of the forms have been republished to coincide with the latest version of the LCCP coming into effect on 31 October 2016. Key changes include:

• New questions on Social Responsibility Code Provision 9.1 – ‘Gaming machines in gambling premises’. This applies to betting, bingo and casino inspection templates only.
• Rewording of inspection questions following feedback on topics such as: Research Education and Treatment (RET) for national/regional operators, employment of young people where machines are sited, social responsibility at race tracks and lottery tickets in betting premises.
• Clarification on assessing age verification where there is a Primary Authority Partnership in place
• Updates within the Unlicensed Family Entertainment permit inspection template relating to Multi-Use premises.
• Addition of a simple risk rating system for Local Authorities to use as part of their inspection planning if required.

Two new assessment templates have also been added to the documents:

Machine Monitoring Checklist – This new form is aimed at assisting Local Authority Officers when responding to reports of illegal machine siting.
Crime and Anti Money Laundering Checklist – Another new form aimed at Local Authority Officers and Police Officers which can be used to support the assessment of Money Laundering risk at licensed premises by checking compliance with regulatory requirements



Click here to download templates and guides for the following:



Inspection guides: to aid officers in completing assessments at different types of gambling premises

Premises information: to be left at the premises and satisfy the inspection provision regulations. They provide premises with information about the concept of shared regulation, inspection rationale and frequency, legal powers of entry, evidence of ID and the complaints procedures. They also include detail of the inspection areas (for example, relevant Premises Licence conditions, legislation and social responsibility code provisions)

Inspection guidance note for Authorised Local Authority Officers: covering the legal requirements when conducting inspections such as the Statement on Entry, Questioning and Evidence of ID

Requests for a written record of the inspection: template to fulfil obligations around transparency

A suite of ‘Assessment outcome’ letters

 Checklists aimed at assessing specific gambling related topics 

These documents may not be appropriate for all Officers, but they provide a solid foundation from which Officers can work. They will be reviewed regularly to ensure they reflect legislative change.

Please use the FEEDBACK FORM to provide your input on the suitability of the templates or to let us know how improvements could be made.


Please feel free to use the contact details below for any further questions.

Ann Neale, Enforcement Officer, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Tel:       01455 255720
Email:   Ann.Neale@hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk


Sarah Greenway, Senior Licensing Officer, Harborough District Council

Tel:       07789 923127

Email:   s.greenway@harborough.gov.uk


Louisa Clark, Compliance Manager, Gambling Commission

Tel: 07572159306

Email: lclark@gamblingcommission.gov.uk