Updated November 2018

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A guide to using the templates

The forms encourage the user to record the outcome of each question as Yes, No, N/A (Not applicable) or ‘Improvement needed’.  You will also see a value of 10, 5 or 0 next to a tick box within each section.  As a rule a score of 0 will indicate compliance, a score of 5 will indicate partial compliance (where appropriate) and a score of 10 will indicate non-compliance.

A simple risk rating system, based on the responses to the questions, is added as an extra feature for those who wish to use the results of their assessments to develop an inspection plan.  Further details are available within ‘Risk-based Inspection Programme


Within each question box you will see an indicator of the type of requirement the question relates to.  We have abbreviated the full titles of the requirements using the following key:

MC = Mandatory Condition

SRCP = Social Responsibility Code Provision

SI = Statutory Instrument

DC = Default Condition

Information boxes and links

Where further information may be useful for authorised officers when establishing compliance, this information is provided within grey boxes directly underneath the corresponding question.

 This icon is used to provide further information about the requirements.

 This icon is used where there is a link to further information within the ‘Useful Links and downloads section of our web pages. – Contacts and useful links

The assessment is split into the following sections:

Pre-assessment checks

This section outlines any information that it will be necessary/ useful to have sight of before carrying out the assessment.  In general, this section will suggest that you have looked at the following:

  • The current plan attached to the premises licence
  • Whether there is a Primary Authority Partnership in place
  • The operator’s Local Risk Assessment (if available due to submission during an application)
  • Specific requirements as set out within the Local Authority’s Gambling Statement of Policy

Visual Assessment

This section will allow you to focus on requirements which can mostly be evidenced by looking at the information provided to customers and the premises layout.  This will include the assessment of information available on entrance to the premises and within the licensed premises area as detailed in the plan attached to the premises licence.

Please note that prior to carrying out the visual assessment it is important to provide an introduction to staff members on duty and to present your identification.  As the visual assessment can often be completed without the assistance of staff on duty, it may be useful at this point to explain that you will require access to written compliance policies, procedures, records and customer interaction logs later in the assessment.

Operator Policies – Protection of Children

This section asks questions based on the policies and procedures in place to protect children from harm.

Operator Policies – Protection of vulnerable adults

This section asks questions based on the policies and procedures in place to protect vulnerable adults.

Additional questions

These questions will vary by premises type.

Action Points

A place to record further information about your assessment findings.