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The Loughborough University (LU) Space Incubator programme is for start-up companies and Small, Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) new to the space sector.

Supported by UK Space Agency, the LU Space Incubator provides support for businesses across the breadth of the sector including both upstream and downstream (using spaced-enabled data and services). The LU Space Incubator is one of a network of 7 being established by the Agency, all offering a different mix of support and aiming to share ideas and best practice.

There are numerous ways to apply space technologies that would enable businesses to class themselves as part of the ‘space-enabled’ downstream sector. For example many earth-based challenges and applications could make use of geographical information, location and navigation (GPS), precise timing and communications, all of which can be obtained from satellite data. Equally businesses currently carrying out precision engineering, design, and manufacturing in high technology sectors, may also be able to offer products and services to the space sector including payload, launch vehicles and ground control systems.


Support package includes:

• Free business review, to include market assessment and business diagnostic
• Signposting and introductions to appropriate sources of support and expertise, local and national
• Support to access local and national networks
• Affordable accommodation or virtual tenancy in the Advanced Technology Innovation Centre (ATIC) on Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park (LUSEP).

The companies supported will become part of a local business cluster. Launching a new business venture can be both exciting and demanding. Joining a cluster of like-minded individuals will help businesses to gain the experience, knowledge and contacts that they need to succeed.

For further information contact Pauline Graham at  Telephone: 01509 635260  Mobile: 07814 448636

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