The aim of the services is to support SMEs and micro businesses and their employees of to improve their skills levels with the aim of helping them to develop and sustain their businesses. The closing date for referrals to this programme is 31 March 2018

Skills Support for the Workforce: Business Enterprise Skills is a flexible package of business skills to be delivered across the entire LLEP area, comprising the following elements:


Promotion of an Enterprise Culture

  •  Activities that encourage an enterprise culture, especially amongst young people.
  • Community based activities targeted at those communities and geographies with most need.
  • Provision of information about sectors with a better chance of survival and greater growth potential.
  • Support for those who are at risk of redundancy to identify how they can use their skills to start their own business.
  • Civil society support to encourage different and innovative social enterprise models.
  • Support to encourage more women to develop their skills to start their own business and / or employed females gaining improved labour market status
  • Participants gaining level 3 or above or a unit of a level 3 or above qualification. Level 3 and above qualifications needing to comply with loan policy.


Flexible Business Skills Programmes

The service will deliver flexible programmes to enable people to develop the core competencies needed to start (individuals affected by redundancy) and then grow (new businesses) a business. Possible skills may include:

– Accessing finance
– Accounting
– Business planning
– Financial planning
– IT
– Legal issues
– Market research
– Marketing
– Regulation
– Sales

SME businesses – up to 250 employees located in the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) area.

Employees must be aged 19 or over, work for 16 hours per week and meet UK residency criteria.

An organisational needs analysis (ONA) will be carried out with the employer to determine training needs and a delivery plan will be discussed.

Fully funded by the European Social Fund, this is an opportunity for individuals to update their skills and knowledge and for employers to plug their skills gap at no cost to you or the business you work for.

To find out more contact Harmi Kandola-Basi, Employer Engagement Adviser Mobile: 07989 692948 or email