Creating successful links between business and education




Employers! Want to link your company with the young, local, talented workforce of the future?

All young people should be given the opportunity to experience the world of work in a safe and meaningful environment.  The knowledge and understanding that a young person gains from being in a real business is invaluable to their future career development; the opportunity of communicating with adults and be treated like an adult, learning the etiquettes of professionalism, exploring first-hand what is involved in various job roles and the ability to then make more informed decisions about their future choices are just a few of the vast benefits of work experience to young people.

Why not consider offering a young person a work experience placement? They could add some fresh ideas to your business.


Volunteer and inspire young people in school

Would you be willing to give some time to share your career journey with young people by going into schools/colleges for half a day to talk about your business and what you look for in new recruits?

You can also advise young people about what you look for in terms of skills and qualities, or take part in interview sessions which are set up to help young people gain some interview practice.

These activities will help to raise awareness of your business and industry and help to prepare our local future workforce.

There are many benefits for businesses to engage with schools:

  • It offers an opportunity to develop staff skills and competences
  • It provides a route to recruit young people into your business
  • It allows you to invest in young people in your local community
  • Young people can bring fresh and new ideas to your company
  • Young people will be better prepared to enter the workforce


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