Funding Options is a new government approved platform to make business finance easy.  They are helping firms from around the UK and work with trusted advisors such as accountants, finance professionals and trade federations.

Funding Options helps businesses who cannot access the finance they need from their bank.  There are hundreds of alternative sources of finance and Funding Options scans the market to find the options that best suit your needs. It takes minutes, there’s no obligation and it’s easy to use.

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Accelerated Digital Ventures (ADV) is a new venture platform that will fund all stages of the digital technology business life cycle, from entry to exit.  The fund will inject evergreen patient capital at early stage (via microfunds, accelerators and incubators), growth stage (Series A), and late stage (Series B, C and beyond). It will also deploy funding and expertise to accelerate the scale-up of companies.

The platform is being funded by the British Business Bank, Legal & General (L&G) and Woodford Investment Management and plans to deploy an initial £150m in investment to help British businesses to startup, scale-up and succeed, supercharging growth across all UK regions.

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Asset Finance

The Finance Leasing Association (FLA) is the UK’s leading trade body for firms providing asset finance and provides information to help you decide whether this type of funding would be suitable for your business.

Asset finance is funding used to obtain equipment – tangible assets from office phones to manufacturing plants, cars to fleets of aircraft. It is the third most common source of finance for businesses, after bank overdrafts and loans, and provides significant cash flow and tax benefits for those using it.

More information about the advantages of asset finance can be found on our customer information pages.

Alternatively, you may have a query about the FLA’s Business Finance Code, which sets out the high standards we expect from our members in their dealings with all customers.

Visit our website for more information and to find a list of members who provide Asset Finance.

The CBI have produced a helpful guide to alternative sources of finance; ‘Ripe for the picking’. In addition to above topics, the CBI guide highlights alternative sources such as:

  • Business Angels
  • Venture Capital
  • Trade Finance
  • Private Equity

….And much more.

The guide can be downloaded here:




There are a number of alternate ways of accessing business finance, besides the more ‘traditional’ form of borrowing from commercial banks. Many of these have grown in popularity over recent years and provide realistic and affordable access to finance for businesses of various sizes, industries and backgrounds.

Some of the more commonly used methods include:

  • Investment Finance; selling shares (equity) to investors
  • Crowdfunding; pooling of smaller contributions from a number of investors
  • Grants; non-repayable amounts often awarded for specific projects
  • Overdrafts; temporary credit facility agreed with your bank
  • Invoice financing/factoring; selling of unpaid invoices to a third party for a % of amounts owed
  • Leasing and asset finance; if lacking sufficient funds to pay in full

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