Key Criteria considered by the council in the decision to award up to 50% discretionary relief for the first two years of trading to new or expanding businesses are based on:
1) The establishment of a new business or company within the HBBC area
2) The creation of new or additional employment opportunities in the area
3) The relocation of an existing business to a larger premise within the District
4) No applications can be made in retrospect, i.e. all applications need to be submitted before relocation or investment has taken place, unless agreed as part of preoccupation negotiations.

In considering applications that meet the above essential criteria, priority consideration will be given to the following factors:
(i) the impact of the business on the local community and environment, is the business one that the Council feels is desirable to have in the area.
(ii) whether the organisation provides a significant number of jobs which are likely to result in the recruitment of local people, and will be advertised locally.
(iii) whether the organisation currently has or plans to provide skills and training for its staff, particularly to upskill its staff and where possible provides apprenticeship opportunities.
(iv) whether the organisation provides inward investment from a country outside the United Kingdom and is one of the initial companies from that country locating in the HBBC area.

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