More homes need to be built and finance can be a barrier – particularly for small builders and innovative schemes. So as well as helping larger builders and developers, the Home Building Fund is also open to small builders, community builders, custom builders and regeneration specialists.

The Home Building Fund is a flexible source of funding administered by the Homes and Communities Agency
(HCA) on behalf of government.

The Fund provides:
Development Finance – Loan funding to meet the development costs of building homes for sale or rent.
Infrastructure Finance – Loan funding for site preparation and the infrastructure needed to enable housing to progress and to prepare land for development.

loans of £250,000 to £250 million are available with smaller loans considered for innovative housing solutions and serviced plots for custom builders. Typical terms are up to 5 years for development finance, and up to 20 years
for infrastructure loans. Interest is payable at transparent, pre-agreed variable rates.

Innovation is encouraged, both in the kind of homes that are built and the way they are delivered. Financing is available to support these projects which could include community led housing projects, serviced plots for custom and self-builders, off-site manufacturing, new entrants to the market and groups of small firms working in consortia to deliver larger sites.

To Apply contact HCA at: Gov.uk/homebuildingfund  Complete a short form to request a call back or register your interest

Tel:  0300 1234 500 or Email: homebuildingfund@hca.gsi.gov.uk