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Are you looking to grow your business?
Are you planning to employ more staff?
Do you require investment to get your development project going?

The Leicester City Investment Fund is designed to encourage business growth, job creation, development and regeneration in the Leicester Area. Loans of between £500,000 and £4 million are available to eligible companies.

Types of investment could include:

  • infrastructure provision at key development sites
  • acquisition of land or commercial / industrial property
  • construction or development of commercial / industrial / housing property, including extensions to premises
  • other proposals related to inward investment

Loans will typically be for terms of up to seven years with interest rates which reflect the risk profile of the business.


  • Projects that demonstrate a clear link to jobs secured within the Leicester area – both job creation and jobs safeguarded
  • Projects where there is a gap in the funding required
  • Projects that are able to sustain the loan repayments


  • Flexible loan terms
  • Flexible security requirements

For further information visit the website at or
contact Investment Coordinator Joanne Ives: