With £2.5bn of capital, BGF is a major equity investor for growing British businesses.


  • Working with management teams with a good track record, a proven business model and a desire to grow
  • Initially invest £2m–£10m of growth capital for a minority equity stake and a board seat
  • Back both privately owned and AIM-listed, profitable companies typically with a turnover of £5m–£100m
  • Invest from our own balance sheet so have the flexibility to meet your needs, and we can also provide further funding as the company continues to grow
  • Offer long-term funding of up to 10 years, developing a meaningful partnership based on shared goals and objectives from the outset
  • Invest in all business sectors with the exception of regulated financial services and property development
  • A strong local approach. With eight offices across the UK we strive to be close and relevant to the businesses we invest in



The nearest offices are Birmingham 0345 266 8862 or London 0345 266 8860

Website www.bgf.co.uk
Email enquiries@bgf.co.uk
Twitter @bgf_team