15 Mar 2019

My name is Learie Gonsavles, Director at One Building Solution Ltd.

I found out about the Business Gateway when I was looking at setting up a new business while I was working for another company at the time. I was searching online at various ways I could get help and support and came across the Business Gateway.

The biggest challenge for me was that I didn’t have a clue what to do and I wanted to know how I could set up a business. I understood from the business adviser that I needed things like a business plan, have my own business bank account and decide whether I was going to go as a sole-trader or a limited business. So all of these things from the adviser really made me understand what I needed to do to operate as a business.

They then looked at my business plan, reviewed it and off the back of that signposted me to various areas of support within Leicestershire and also other partners that could help, including the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Another challenge was where I wanted to set up my business from – whether I was going to do that from an office, rent a property or work from home. The business adviser discussed various grants and loans that would be available to me and they signposted me to the Enterprise Loan East Midlands (ELEM) scheme that would fund my home office.

Along the way there has been various help that they’ve supported me with and offered workshops that I could attend. A recent finance course has helped me structure my business financially in a better way and made me think long-term about getting more business in and planning ahead.

Overall it has made me more confident, personally more marketable, and it’s really helped the business to grow.

You can spend a lot of time working for the business rather on it and sometimes you need someone to give you the advice which is what the Business Gateway has done, either through them personally or through the workshops. That’s the advice I’d give to other businesses, spend some time working on the business as well as for the business.


One Building Solution Ltd is a firm of chartered building surveyors, helping potential clients operate or manage around the lifecycle of a building which includes architectural services, project management and building surveying, right round to disposing of a property.

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