17 Nov 2018

My name is Darren Woolley. I am managing director of MultiMedix Ltd. We’re an independent ultrasound services specialist and we specialise in ultrasound probe sales, repair, testing, and we deliver on-site quality assurance services to hospitals.

We heard about the Business Gateway through the East Midlands Chamber. We were provided some specialist business support through an adviser which allowed us to start thinking of ways in which we can grow the business but also how the business could be supported by some of the schemes that are accessible to us through the Gateway.

We were approaching the Chamber for support on many aspects including training courses but the Business Gateway particularly helped us with achieving some of the challenges of growth. We were trying to achieve quite a strict quality of standard, ISO 13-485, which is specialist for medical devices, but we also wanted to expand our facility and also our working team so we had to look at all those challenges whilst keeping our cash flow very tight and hopefully move forward in a way that allowed us to grow the business.

So Jo was able to put us in touch with many Business Gateway partners. She was able to direct us particularly to some supporting funding for SMEs like ourselves, particularly we were interested in one that allowed us to grow some of our facility, we were looking to move in to the facility where we are now based. One of the schemes was iNet that allowed us to introduce some additional testing apparatus and equipment into our new expanded workshop fit for an expanding team which we’ve now added to. The other one was through the Manufacturing Growth Fund that helped us with our quality certification process by bringing in some external consultancy to add to our working force that’s helped us accelerate that project. The Manufacturing Growth Fund successfully allowed us to complete a series of internal quality audits which allowed us to progress the BSI coming in quite recently and agreeing to certify us to our quality standards.

We found both of these very easy to apply for, we were very well supported by specialists from both schemes. Business Gateway adviser Jo was always on hand if we needed to ask her anything or assistance but on the whole the process for both of these schemes was very easy and straightforward.

I would recommend businesses look to find out what’s available. For me it was a very eye opening exercise of not even realising these things existed so I think that one meeting has opened up many avenues not just for today but we’ve also got projects that might suit other opportunities in the near future.

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