15 Apr 2019

The East Leicestershire LEADER programme is open to receive applications for grant requests of between £7,500.00 & £75,000.00. The grant amount requested will be a maximum of 40% of the eligible costs.

This is a targeted call focussed on:

Improving the overall performance and sustainability of an agricultural holding
(Priority 1a) 

Grant funding can help pay for:

  • equipment and machinery to improve the efficiency of the use of energy, water, fertiliser and other direct inputs
  • equipment and machinery to reduce impacts on soils
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • investments to improve the management of slurry and manures to reduce the reliance on artificial fertilisers and improve the nutrient management of soils
  • investments to mechanise production, increase productivity and help reduce harvest losses

Investments in improving animal health and welfare
(Priority 1b)

Grant funding can help pay for:

  • equipment to improve animal welfare and support the management and prevention of disease
  • improving the early detection of diseases

equipment and machinery to improve animal handling above ‘standard equipment’

Who can apply for LEADER funding under priority 1a) & 1b)

  • farmers
  • groups of farmers
  • horticultural producers

Costs may include:

  • the buying of new and second hand equipment
  • costs related to the project such as engineer and consultant fees (as long as these don’t add up to more than 15% of the project’s total eligible costs)
  • buying or developing a dedicated piece of computer software (but not an off-the-shelf piece of software like Microsoft Office)
  • patents, licences, copyrights and trademarks

The closing date for applications is 5pm Tuesday 30th April 2019.

You can find more information by visiting the East Leicestershire LEADER  website, or contacting the team via email eastleicestershireleader@leics.gov.uk or calling 0116 305 6298 to discuss your project further.

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