31 Jul 2018

Karen Doores of KD HR Solutions is an independent HR consultant based in Leicestershire, helping managers have the right HR policies and processes in place to create strong foundations on which to build a successful business.

“There are two main reasons a HR framework is important for a business,” she says.

“The first is to comply with the law and the second, which people don’t always appreciate, is to enable the business to perform well and be sustainable”

“Outlining and embedding clear and specific standards of performance and behaviour in the form of a HR Framework helps employees understand what they can do to help the business be successful.

“This will encourage better levels of productivity and customer service, which in turn will generate revenue and profits.”

Karen stresses the importance of having a bespoke framework for each individual business.

Not having the right framework in place can be detrimental to a business, from unfair treatment affecting employee morale and leaving a poor reputation, to financial losses in wages and revenue from weak management of attendance.

“One organisation I worked with had developed a poor reputation as a result of high levels of absence”, Karen says.

“They had very high employee payroll costs through sick pay and overtime level and poor customer service levels from under-staffing.

“In redesigning the policy, and training the managers, the business was able to set the standards it needed to be able to improve its service; revenue went up and costs were reduced.”

A strong human resource framework is essential for any business with employees. But what must be considered when recruiting for the first time?

“It’s important to think about what the organisation needs to succeed, from technical skills to personalities”, Karen says.

“Hiring the wrong person can be costly so it is important to get it right first time.

“A common error is thinking you need someone with more experience thank you really do, as this means you are limiting yourself to who you can hire.

“There’s a lot of talk at the moment about skill shortages so setting the bar higher than you require only makes this worse for you.

“I always encourage clients to think about the type of culture they need to be successful, and to mirror this in their approach, and in their HR framework”

The LLEP Business Gateway is hosting a workshop with Karen Doores on HR Essentials for Small Businesses on 14 August 2018. Register your place here to find out how your business could benefit.

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