18 Jul 2019

The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) Partnership was set up in 2011 by senior security experts to develop a way to communicate between the public sector and business around issues to do with security and business resilience (eg fraud, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, public order events etc).

It has grown significantly and now has a presence in the East Midlands.

The group works in partnership with key public and private sector organisations in the region to provide local businesses with proactive security advice, to help improve their business resilience, and reactive security information, when there has been a major incident.

CSSC is nationally recognised and works in partnership with Police including the Counter Terrorism Police Team and the National Business Crime Centre.

The partnership is free to join and businesses who do will benefit from:

  • Information and advice on areas such as fraud prevention to help in improving awareness and contingency planning
  • Proactive information messages eg warning about a public order situation
  • Reactive information messages eg when there has been a terrorist attack

Find out more on the CSSC website here

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