12 May 2017

Liberis help small businesses obtain funding with a straightforward product called a Business Cash Advance, based on future credit and debit card sales.

Liberis are backed by the British Business Bank, so its customers have the added reassurance of dealing with a lender supported by the UK Government.

Liberis can advance a business anything from £2,500 to £300,000, depending on their requirements. The advance is unsecured. There are no fixed monthly payments, APR or hidden fees. Just one single cost that’s agreed upfront and can be paid back as a small percentage from the business’ customer card transactions.
A business can get an online quote in under 60 seconds and a decision within 24 hours. Liberis don’t need to see a business’ company or business accounts, just 4 – 12 months’ card statements. Payments will start automatically as a small agreed percentage from the business’ customer card transactions. Liberis is paid back when the business’ customers pay them.
The Business Cash Advance is designed to work seamlessly with a business’ cashflow, which means that the business only ever pays Liberis back when their customers pay them. So, if business is going well they will be able to pay it back quicker, but if they’re having a quiet spell the business will naturally pay back less that month.

For more information please visit: www.liberis.co.uk/about-liberis-business-loans

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