24 Oct 2018

Melanie Mee:

“Hi I’m Melanie Mee. I’m Financial Director for Pyrotect Ltd which is a passive fire protection company based in the Midlands. We’ve been going since 1998.

“I found out about the Business Gateway through a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) event that I attended and I explained to them what we were trying to do with our marketing for the company, taking it to the next level. We weren’t really sure how to go, we weren’t sure how to get everybody on board with the marketing so they put me in touch with Joanne Maltby from the Business Gateway.

“We did actually meet up with Joanne Maltby. She came out to our offices and went through all different types of funding that would be available and she also told us about the NBV grant, told us we could get up to 1/3 of the costs of marketing for that which we knew would be a great help.

“The NBV grant was really easy to apply for, most of it was done through email. From actually completing the form to knowing we that had the funding for the grant was a matter of a couple of weeks.”

Lindsey Newman-Wood:

“I was introduced to Pyrotect through one of the Business Advisers at Business Gateway. They introduced me to Mel and Michele who were struggling to take their marketing to the next level. Michele came to one of my workshops that I ran for the Business Gateway in Loughborough and we reconnected, although we’d known each other for quite a while, we decided to reconnect at the event. So it’s been a really exciting project, we’ve worked together for a number of months. I ran a number of workshops to get everyone on board and to understand the need for marketing and why it was important to the business.”

Michele McDonald:

“Through Lindsey we organised a professional video shoot which has been invaluable for our marketing plan. It has gone out on social media, we’re sharing it on the website and we’re really looking forward to where it’ll go next because it’s given us more confidence to jump in on the marketing side of things.”

Melanie Mee:

“The benefits of this to our business have been that we’re now seen in the market place differently to how we were perceived before. They realise we’re not just a small sub-contractor. We are a professional business that is trying to move forward.”

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