01 May 2019

Cybercrime Leicestershire

Leicestershire Police have provided us with some quick, handy tips for keeping your company, your information and your money safe from the threat of cybercrime. Businesses were able to attend a FREE workshop to hear the latest advice to stay safe.

Keep up to date!
Whatever devices, operating systems, software or apps you use, always ensure you are running the most up to date versions. Updates include security patches to fix vulnerabilities! If you can, select ‘Auto Update’. Windows 7 support ceases in January 2020 so please start planning.

Make sure you have up to date antivirus installed and running for all devices you use to access the internet and email – make sure you are always running the most up to date. If you can, select ‘Auto Update’.

You need to have a different password for everything you log in to. Make sure you’re using #ThreeRandomWords to create a strong, separate password for each account.

Protect your passwords
www.haveibeenpwned.com – check to see if your details have been compromised. Click on the three lines and opt for notify me – you will be contacted anytime your passwords are found on the dark web allowing you to immediately change your passwords to protect accounts.

BEWARE of phishing emails!
Ensure that staff ALWAYS #TakeFive and REMEMBER! – emails, texts and phone calls can all easily be spoofed. NEVER assume any contact is genuine until you have verified that it is. Don’t Click on links in emails or open attachments unless you are certain they are safe.
If an email relates to an account issue of any sort, always log in via a browser or an app – never click on a shortcut.

Back up your data
Whether it’s a device failure, loss/theft, physical disaster or ransomware attack, make sure your data is backed up. We’d advise a cloud and a non-cloud copy – don’t forget the same on personal devices and at home, make sure you’ve got a copy of precious family photos!

Report incidents of fraud and cybercrime to Action Fraud on 0800 123 2040 – if you are suffering a live attack, this is supported 24hrs.

Contact Details
Samantha HANCOCK, Cyber Protect Officer: samantha.hancock@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk Mobile : 07814 226278
@LeicsCyberAware on Twitter 


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