08 Oct 2018

Hi I’m Vikki O’Hara and just over a year ago I bought a business and the business is Dozy Dog.

We sell predominantly dog beds, dog blankets, toys, collars, leads, harnesses, all our food treats are 100% traceable, ethical, we set a bar and we will not go below that bar. Happy dogs make happy people.

I went to the Love Business Expo in February in Kenilworth and just came across Ian Evley at Business Gateway, got chatting to him, he was asking what do you do, and how’s it going, how long have you been doing it and my confidence was probably at its lowest at that point. He said we do business mentoring do you think that would help you and I was like yes please.

Ian really really helped to talk through just basic processes you can put in place which to people who have been in business for years its second nature they wouldn’t even think about it but when you’ve never done it before how do you know unless you have someone you can just ask.

Since the mentoring sessions began I’ve been able to take on outworkers to make some of our own Dozy Dog terrier-burrows, which we weren’t doing before. I was a little bit worried about what are the implications outworkers, does it affect employment law, or what about insurance for actually selling a product that you’ve manufactured, so talking through all of that with Ian before doing it just gave us a lot more confidence in what we were doing and that we were doing it right.

I was also very unsure about having casual staff for manning the stand with us when we’re at an event – how does that work, what are the laws, what are the implications – and I know you can google these things but to actually be able to sit and talk through it with someone until you understand it, understand exactly what it means, you can read through anything and not understand it, it just made all the difference to sit and have a good discussion about it with.

What I’m doing differently now is I follow a process in decision making that is a logical, business based decision making process. I look to see how profitable it is before going in to something and my confidence in my decisions is much much stronger now, from having just that little bit of mentoring, having someone to ask the questions to.

I went in to that third session full of confidence, full of enthusiasm like Ian Ian, look what I’ve done, look what I’ve done, I’ve done this and I’ve got a plan for this and this is costings and this is how I’ve worked it out, what do you think, what do you think, what do you think, and he was like I think you’re a completely different person. That’s absolutely what we’re here for and he was so pleased and I felt like I’d made progress. And it’s true, until someone actually points you back to look where you started to look where you are now then all of a sudden I did believe in myself and have confidence in what I was doing.

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