Loughborough and Leicester Science and Innovation Enterprise Zone

On Monday 13th February 2017 the Rt Hon Marcus Jones MP, Minister for Local Government, announced the new Loughborough and Leicester Science and Innovation Enterprise Zone during a visit to Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park.

The new multi-site science and hi-tech manufacturing focused Enterprise Zone (EZ) is set to create over 21,000 new jobs and £123million over the next 25 years through the creation of a ‘zone of excellence’ to support new and growing businesses to bring their innovative ideas and products to the market.

Leicestershire is already at the cutting edge of innovative research, design and the production of goods and services that impact businesses and people across the globe – brought about particularly through our three world class universities (Loughborough, Leicester and DeMontfort). The new EZ will help to cement Leicestershire’s role as the R&D capital of the Midlands.

The Loughborough and Leicester EZ covers two sites in Loughborough and one in Leicester:

Charnwood Campus: Offers state-of-the-art flexible laboratory space with specialist high quality research and development accommodation and serviced office facilities supporting bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries. Custom-built property solutions are also available in this stunning, 70 acre landscaped setting.

Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park: One of the largest science parks in the UK. Situated just one mile from the M1, this 106-hectare site is an outstanding location for knowledge-based businesses specialising in advanced engineering and manufacturing, high value research and development, energy and low carbon.

Leicester Waterside: Comprises 66.5 hectares split across two sites. The Waterside area is perfect for high value employment, especially high value manufacturing. Whilst Pioneer Park is a key development opportunity for science, technology and innovative businesses in a prime location adjacent to the University of Leicester Space Park development and the National Space Centre.

For more information, contact admin@llep.org.uk or call 0116 454 2917.