Many people regard Business Continuity as an operational response to large-scale incidents, usually involving significant asset loss. This is not the case!

Business Continuity is about building and improving resilience in your business and the ability to continue your business delivery during a disruption/event no matter how big or small; for example, if you are unable to get into your building or a number of staff are absent due to sickness. 

The key benefits of embedding Business Continuity in your business are:

  • Having arrangements in place to fulfil your obligations AND being more confident about the decisions you make in a crisis.
  • Keeps businesses trading when they would have otherwise failed due to an incident.
  • Providing assurance and protection to your staff.
  • Companies reputation increases, having competitive advantage.
  • Insurance premium discounts, reduced excesses and doors opening to new insurance markets

Support is available from the organisations below:


LLR Prepared
LLR Prepared is the Local Resilience Forum that has statutory responsibilities to work in partnership to prepare for, respond to and recover from different emergencies.  They offer support to local businesses to develop business continuity plans and test them.  There is a helpful tool kit available on their website.  For more information go to


Leicester City Council is committed to supporting the business community in developing their business continuity programmes.  The Business Continuity team offers free support to organisations requiring assistance in putting together an effective business continuity plan.  Contact the team at Risk Management and Insurance Services, Leicester City Council on 0116 4541621


You can access further information and contact practitioners for advice, on the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) website.