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What to expect from Regulators

Better Business for All is here to improve the regulatory experience for local businesses.  This improved experience will result in a more positive relationship between businesses and those who regulate them.


Better Business for All Partners

The organisations that make up the partnership are: (click on the organisation name to visit their website)

All partners have signed the BBfA Charter which sets out the expected attitudes and behaviours of those involved.

The partnership has two primary groups which develop and deliver the key actions. The Business Steering Group comprises of representatives from business and regulatory services. It provides direction and is actively engaged in the development of the programme. It consists of representatives from Trade Associations and business support organisations and acts as:

  • a critical friend to the partnership, ensuring that its work is appropriate to the needs of business,
  • a group that helps to develop Better Business for All products and services,
  • a group for regulatory services to consult with businesses on the development of policies, practices and service standards.

The Regulation Services Partnership has representatives from all the local regulators. It facilitates collaborative working to better deliver regulation locally.