How we work together with local businesses.

On this page there are Case Studies for businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire.


Case Study 1: 


Fire Safety

Three local and national breweries working with the Fire Service to ensure that compliance with the legislation was achieved by educating landlords, simplifying letters and notices and implementing a less burdensome inspection programme to ultimately help the breweries save money.

Case Study 2: 


Business Regulation

A proprietor and landlord of a number of premises contacted the council to obtain a better understanding of the registration process for a tattoo studio.

Case Study 3: 


Food Hygiene & Growth

An existing home catering business expanded into an import and retail business and required advice and guidance on food hygiene and the import of cured meats.

Case Study 4:

Food Hygiene 


A start-up business requiring help and advice on cheese manufacturing and legislation that governs animal based food production for Europe and the UK.

Case Study 5: 


Global Freight Management

An international freight forwarding company needed help to ensure meeting regulation requirements did not delay their precious and perishable cargos.

Case Study 6:


Food Labelling

Dolce & Verde opened for business in March 2014 and a Trading Standards officer met with the co-owner and discussed food labelling, information about allergens, traceability, menu descriptions and pricing.

Case Study 7:


Food Labelling

Mistry & Co based in Loughborough sought advice from a Trading Standards officer regarding labelling for a new product they were bringing to market.

Case Study 8:


Food Business Registration

Pie & Mash Productions is a unique double decker bus that has been renovated to serve alcohol and pizza. Advice was needed about registering the business, food safety standards and licencing.

Case Study 9: 


Fire Safety Compliance

Proactively aiding a business to meet fire safety compliance standards and continue to trade through practical interim solutions and support.

Case Study 10: 


Textile Industry Fire Safety

Proactively aiding the textile industry within Leicester and Leicestershire to meet fire safety compliance standards and work towards complying with the Ethical Trading.

Case Study 11: 


Food Labelling 

Pre-start coffee manufacturer business Shelton Imports needed help with food labelling issues and worked to archive the required standards.

Case Study 12:


Food Labelling

Tea manufacturer Royaltea sought comprehensive and complex advice, before the change in labelling requirements due in December 2016.

Case Study 13:

Global operator in food & beverage service

The council provide Autogrill with robust and reliable regulatory advice which other local authorities throughout England and Wales must take into account in their dealings with the business.

Case Study 14:

Healthy Stuff Online  

The Environmental health team began their work with the business in 2014. Food hygiene/safety advice was provided at a series of inspection and subsequent support visits.

Case Study 15:

Global Freight Management  

GFM ensures that fresh fish transit safely from Iceland through UK airports, including East Midlands. The fish is delivered to the importer – usually the supermarkets and wholesalers in the UK, France, Spain and Belgium.

Case Study 16:

Good Food Enerprises ltd

The Food Team provided coaching visits offering advice on food safety issues, ranging from structural requirements to completing management documentation.

Case Study 17:

George Hill Limited 

The Leicestershire Trading Standard team provided help on primary style and design of labeling and legal detail.

Case Study 18:


Leicestershire County Council provided invaluable support to assist Boromi with their product design, production and manufacturing.